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2018 Green Season
April.28th Open!!

2018 Green Season
April.28th Open!!

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One of the world’s largest ropeways with a capacity of 166 passengers and a height of 1,000m

Overview of facilities

Niigata Prefecture is one of Japan’s best rice-producing areas. Yuzawa Kogen has easy access from the onsen (hot spring) area in front of Echigo Yuzawa Station, which serves as the gateway to the region. More than 200 types of plateau plants bloom on the mountaintop and visitors can enjoy forest bathing or the Zip Line Adventure in the native forest full of deep green beech trees. Be sure to try some of the specialty dishes of Echigo and relax for a while in one of the historic hot springs.  


The Yuzawa Kogen Ropeway has a capacity of up to 166 people and is one of the largest in the world. It takes around seven minutes from the base to the top of the mountain, allowing you to appreciate the beautiful expansive scenery from the wide windows. The ropeway is a total of 1,300m long with a vertical interval of 500m. It travels at 5m per second.  

Alpine plant garden “Alp no Sato”

The alpine plant garden Alp no Sato is Japan’s largest garden of alpine plants. Here, visitors can see more than 200 species of alpine flowers from spring to autumn. Rare species like the “Himalayan Blue Poppy” are especially popular. The Rock Garden was built using rocks that were extracted when the Daishimizu Tunnel was built for the Joetsu Shinkansen and reproduces nature found on mountains over 2,500m high. 


Vista restaurant Edelweiss

Edelweiss, a restaurant with a view, provides the unique taste of Echigo, serving up local specialties such as Echigo Mochi Pork, Koshihikari rice and more. 

Italian restaurant Alpina

The Italian restaurant Alpina offers delicious pizza cooked in a genuine Italian wood-fired oven to be enjoyed with a glass of beer or wine.  

Gelato shop Gareba House

Gareba House serves 10 different flavors of gelato as well as light meals and drinks, making it the perfect place to sit and relax. 


There are two gift shops with a range of specialty goods made from the high-quality water of the rich rice-producing area, Uonuma. Koshino Sanroku Sya provides sweets and other foods that use local ingredients while Junmai Ya has the unique and finely crafted Japanese rice wine Junmaishu.   

The four seasons of Yuzawa Kogen

Yuzawa Kogen takes on different looks as the flowers and scenery change each season. Alpine flora blooms in spring while the big lily garden is at its peak in summer with its beautiful colors and sweet aroma. The kochias turn red in autumn as the garden once again changes color.   

Around Yuzawa Kogen

The Yuzawa hot spring area was the setting for the classic Japanese novel Yukiguni (“Snow Country”) by Yasunari Kawabata. Take it all in as you stroll around the town. The historical folklore museum Yukigunikan is also nearby.  

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